About Us

The Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Inc. is a membership-based, not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of over 80 business members in the Camden Haven.

Chamber members are currently represented by a volunteer Executive Committee, including President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The key roles of the Executive Committee are information and education, advocacy and representation, promotion and networking.

All administrative activities are handled by a part-time paid Executive Officer.

The goals of the Chamber centre around business growth, training and education for the business community, growing multimedia presence and ensuring the overall economic benefit to the Camden Haven Community, that is all townships from Lake Cathie in the North, John’s River to the South, inland to Comboyne.

Learn about the Vision, Mission and Goals of the Chamber.

Chamber's role in the Community

While the overall goal of the Chamber is to support business growth, a core value of the Chamber is to support the local Camden Haven community. As such, the Chamber distributes a significant portion of its profits back into the community by the way of initialising and financially supporting many local events and projects.

Learn more about Camden Haven Community events and projects supported by the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce.

Key Initiatives

Laurieton Riverwalk Markets

The Chamber has conducted the Laurieton Riverwalk Markets for over 15 years. Tourists and locals alike participate in the well renowned markets and many local businesses have their best days on market days while people are out and about. The profit from the market provides the income that brings the financial support and paves the way to create some of our great local events.

iKew Visitor Information Centre

The iKew Visitor Information Centre operates year round as a hub to both tourism and community. It is only through the iKew steering Committee; a subcommittee of Chamber, who have worked hard to change perceptions and see the community win back this iconic local landmark building. The iKew Centre provides a central location for local business to advertise to both the local community and travellers to the area. It also provides a retail outlet for our unique merchandise providers and a hamper from the iKew Centre is a well treasured gift. With the development of the Driver Reviver operation the iKew Centre now attracts travellers to come off the highway and visit our region.

Camden Haven Tourism Marketing Co-op

The Camden Haven Tourism Marketing Co-op is another function of Chamber. It is evolving as a channeling tool for local events, business information, opportunities and current newsletters. By pooling the memberships of local businesses and accommodation providers and matching that income on a like for like basis Chamber has developed the visitcamdenhaven.com.au website which is setting the bar for travellers being able to learn more about the Camden Haven, including places to stay, thus elevating the overall financial health of all our local businesses. Co-op members have a distinct advantage over other businesses in that this avenue of focus marketing is highly effective.

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